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Her name is Vibhuti Mittal and she is 18 years old.


She took birth on 2nd November 2001 in Hapur.
Currently living in Ghaziabad with her family


Indian (brought up in a Hindu family)


Completed her schooling from Dewan Public School Hapur
Currently pursuing her diploma course from YMCA New Delhi


English and Hindi


 She is currently pursuing a diploma course in tour and travels.


Apart from that, She has good writing and speaking skills.
She has been a part of various group discussions, anchoring programs, debate competitions and Nukkad Natak securing 1st position.


She is from PCM background and has also learned C++ (programming language) at the schooling level.


Got 88% in 10th and 80% in 12th


Talking about her interests, she loves writing, reading, traveling, and exploring new things.
Also, she loves penning down her thoughts, ideas, and beliefs.
She has got the least interest in politics
She is Creative at mind and has the least artistic skills.
She considers herself a free bird who loves to fly.


She has visited Mumbai-The City of Dreams.
Dehradun- The City of Love
Mussoorie- The Queen of Hills
Jammu&Kashmir- A Tale of Two Cities and many more.


She is blessed with a supportive family.
Each member of her family is a great enthusiast when it comes to motivating her in life
She admitted that she had never been lucky in the matter of friendship. She has faced a lot in friendship and been in a number of fake friendships but now as she has very few people left by her side she is quite happy with them.


She is always ready to work harder and take risks if it helps her in any way possible
She promises you to work with full dedication and interest
She loves enjoying every moment of life.
As a person, she is so confident,  independent, and bold woman.
She is one of the finest friends one can have when it comes to supporting her friends and being there for them
An enthusiastic and focused student.


If we talk about success, Vibhuti’s success is something she has dreamt of since childhood. She literally looks up to everything.
She looks for inspiration in everything possible.
According to Vibhuti, an ant inspires her to work harder and a bird inspires her to fly higher for your goals.


According to her, Positivity is something that can help you fight out every situation of life.
She says Confidence is something that can help you in achieving your life goals.
She believes that “Failures are the best teachers one can have”.
She has always learned to be positive and dedicated to her work.
She believes in living life to it’s fullest.


Vibhuti came to know about LiveUp™ from a very close friend of her and when she heard about LiveUp™ and got to know that is a made in India and made for India platform she just wanted to be a part of this anyhow.
She firmly believes in Vocal for Local.
She is eagerly looking forward to working with LiveUp™ and be a part of this.
She said the best part about LiveUp™ is its the will to treat people equally and everyone is a friend there.
According to her beliefs, “Every person has something to teach us in some aspect”


Her Life Mantra would be “Live.Love.Laugh”