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Simran Jeet Siddhu

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Her name is Simran Jeet Siddhu and she is 18 years old.


She is born and brought up in Hapur (Uttar Pradesh)


She is from a science background and did PCM on the 12th.


Hindi, English, and Punjabi


She is currently pursuing graduation in philosophy Hons. from Mata Sundri College, University of Delhi.


She is quite good at extracurricular activities,
She had been a part of dramas, speeches debates, group discussions, dances, anchorings, etc.
She is little studious types and her favorite subjects are mathematics, chemistry, and philosophy.
Simran is a very good listener.
She can listen to thee for the whole day calmly without excuses.
She can make anyone calm with her talks.
She can make people smile and can throw the boredom away for the hours she’s with thee.
She is an extrovert in whom an introvert has hidden.
She is straight forward in everything.


She says–The thing which makes her different is her way of thinking, her extraordinary wishes which are beyond the words… And makes her different and strong personality.


She has a lot of hobbies including reading, writing, speaking, dancing, playing basketball, doing mimicry of others, and many more.
She loves to eat and just try every new dish henceforth.


She has been a part of anchoring programs, drama, science exhibitions, speeches, games, etc. Her speaking and writing skills are also good.


She is an immaturely mature girl who loves to watch cartoons in spite of movies and web series.
She can argue for her rights till her last breath and can counter the opposition with valid and strong arguments..
She is of helping nature and very emotional.
She is the one who can motivate a person with her own created logic.
As everyone knows everything has proses and probes too,,, she too has some proses in her but never tells them as she always tried to overcome them. She is a great secret keeper …


She got to know about LiveUp™  through the CMO of LiveUp™- Hardik Kumar Satvedi, who is also his friend, She was very enthusiastic about this as she wants to work with him. It was like a dream come true for her to work with one of the people having the same mentality and way of observing like her. She had joined the team on July 3rd, 2020 with 6 other members.
She showed her interest in writing and promotions. It is a great feeling for her to join LiveUp™. She’s happy being a part of that community who wants to do something big. The positive vibes, enthusiasm, dedication, and hard work of each and every team member help her to come up in such away. The best part about LiveUp™  is equality among each other, and the bonds they share. There is no Boss and no employees, all are just like the members of a family. She wants to be a member of this LiveUp™ family lifelong and assure to word even harder for the progress.


Her aim is to help people as much as she can and wants to prove the society wrong,,
She wants to put a full stop on the talks of the accusers.
To achieve this goal, the way she had chosen is through civil services.
She wants to serve the nation as a civil servant.
She wants to create opportunities for needy and provide them their worth.
She is a supporter of equality and doesn’t want people to waste their lives.
She has a great plan to do and started working on it.


Do come up With your doubts.