Head of Design

Satyam Panchal

Satyam Panchal is the HOD(Head of Design) of LiveUp™.

Professional Skills

Designing 98%

Experience & Activities

Hello, I’m Satyam Panchal a Graphic Designer.
I’m passionate about branding, my goal is to elevate businesses by creating Brand Identity that makes a difference.

I also help businesses to make their branding strategies and social media marketing in order to promote it across different platforms.
In the whole journey, visual elements play a vital role, by communicating the audience and conveying our messages. It’s up to the visual content that we use in branding a business and its marketing, as visuals have the power to increase potential customers and brand awareness.

That’s why a conversation is important before initiating any project to better understand my clients and project.
Feel free to ask questions, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.