Mohammad Humza

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Mohammad Humza

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Name and age:
He is Mohammad Humza, an eighteen-year-old guy.

Born on 28th May 2002 in Hapur (U.P)

Educational Status:
Currently Studying in Class 12th (PCMB)

English, Hindi, and Urdu

Humza is very good at poetry recitation also he writes. He is very active in various activities such as speech, anchoring, storytelling, writing, and public speaking. Apart from Hindi and English, he has a very good command on Urdu

Future Aim:
He wants to become a public speaker and counselor.

He speaks less and listens more. He is obeying and grateful to his God, his parents, and elders. He used to give more time to his thought than to the world. He loves to speak and interact with people. One most important thing, He loves Cats.

Meaning of Success:
Humza is a very religious person. He took inspiration from the life of Prophet Muhammad. The ultimate success for him is to become beneficial for humankind by following the life of Noble Prophet.

Got into LiveUp™:
Hardik Kumar ( CMO of LiveUp™) is a blessing for him. Hardik was his senior in school. They both have very good bonding since school days. He came to know about Live Up ™ from Hardik and eager to learn and explore the world. So Hardik gave him this opportunity to be a part of the LiveUp™ family.