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Read it very carefully.
Every line has it value.

How to get software development clients ???

1. Upgrade your skill as per the market demand

If you are not upgrading that means you are downgrading. Always remember market is uncertain and it works on latest technologies when it comes to tech world. So the very first thing you need to take care of to upgrade yourself in your niche according to the market

Latest & Web Trends

  1. Core Web Vital
    -Loading [LCP]
    -Interactivity. [ FID]
    • visal stability [CLS]
  2. Figma & Invision app
  3. Static Site Generator [Gatsby js]
  4. Design System not systems design
  5. svg animations
  6. Get skilled partner

Money is the oxygen for every business and to maintain cash flow in your company you should focus on how to get more and more projects. But what if you don’t have people skill. What if you don’t know how to sell and market your skill. So in that case get a skilled partner who will bring sales in the business.

2. Don’t run after all these website

Understand as a beginner you will not get any good project from online websites. Its totally fine to have profiles over there but don’t waste your time by just bidding day and night for a single projectClient oriented content

3. Client oriented content

Now your job is to build authority and trust of third person and this will only happen when you show to people how knowledgeable you are. So build and prepare content which is completely client oriented.Well designed, mobile friendly and sales oriented website.

4. Well designed, mobile friendly and sales oriented website.

No need to tell you this — how much important it is to have your own website, not just website but sales oriented website. Content which you will be using should in such a way to attract your target clientsYour network is your net worth

5. Your network is your net worth

Your probably heard this earlier that our network is our net worth, same goes for this as well. Try to build strong network by visiting networking events and by joining online Facebook and other groupsTie ups and collaborations

6. Tie ups and collaborations

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel over and over again but build system instead. Find out the people or nearby agencies who are working in the same niches. Chances are much higher to get the business from there with less hustle. You can also pitch content creators and social media influences for work and if everything goes well you will get the businessFocus on one industry

7. Focus on one industry

Don’t run after prospects. Focus on industry and select prospects accordingly. This will give you an idea how that industry works so you can pitch effectively.Speed matters the most

8. Speed matters the most

Catch the speed. In freelancing your speed matters the most.So here is the formula – Paid advertisement == speed. Do invest money on adds and get leads to convert. This will give you the speed by reducing unnecessary timeResearch and development

9. Research and development

What does it really mean ?? Research and development means you have to aware who is entering in the market as a new bi. How many business has newly started etc

Some other techniques to get more clients.

How do we get more clients?

  1. Find mobile number of business who haven’t websites (from online directories like JustDial, Sulekha, UrbanClap, etc) & pitch them
  2. Find old website & pitch them to fix it.
  3. Find glitch, bugs, errors in websites & pitch them to fix it.
  4. Note Follow-up clients.
  5. Make cold calls & send cold emails to the business & individuals.
  6. Make 200 cold calls & sent 1000 cold emails daily to the potential audience.
  8. Use Quora, Answer 5 questions daily
  9. Ask for Reviews from clients (Video/written)
  10. Refund clients if they refer someone to you.
  11. Attend events in your surroundings (FB Local/Meetup)
  12. Get Engaged on online communities & forums.

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